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Coming Back

Stuie J Blenkhorn – Coming Back

Since Coming Back was releases way back in April there have been a few ups and downs. The ups have been the amazing support and love received from all you lovely people. Having over 650 sales (and counting) of the single and raising over £400 (£500 including gift aid) has been truly humbling. Local media have been great and the Craven Herald and Drystone Radio have given their support which has been a great help. For those who didn’t catch my recent appearance on the Liam Mulligan Radio Show then click here to find the podcast I’m on the 22nd of September show from the 60 minute mark.

The downs have been the realisation of just how little money comes back when songs are sold and streamed online these days. Although the sales have been strong and people have got behind the single the money coming back to myself ready to pass on to Manorlands is a disappointing £18! I don’t want to turn this into a political rant on the state of the music industry so let’s concentrate on the positives.

We have all contributed to something exciting here and raising over £500 combined will hopefully be a help to the fantastic people up at Manorlands. It’s also not too late if you want to help then head over to my Just Giving page and I will be very grateful for anything you are able to spare if everyone who follows my Facebook page was able to give just £1 it would more than double the amount going to Manorlands and that would be amazing.

Much Love


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